Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twittering the day away… or not


So by now you know that I’m a bit of a tech geek and heavily addicted to the internet in general and Facebook in particular. But one thing I just cannot get is Twitter. If you’re not familiar with Twitter (ie. you live under a rock) it’s a micro-blogging tool that lets you send short updates (140 characters) to your friends and family that basically answers the question “what are you doing?”

Here’s a short video by Sachi and Lee LeFever of Commoncraft explaining Twitter in plain English:


Twitter has become this insane phenomenon and I definitely feel like I’m on the outside looking in. According to Read Write Web, Twitter has just raised another $35 million, bringing their total to $55 million. The Pew Internet and American life project just released a report stating that 11% of online American adults use a service like Twitter. And it seems like everybody is tweeting. These twitter guides list the top twitter users though I don’t know how up to date or accurate they are. The  top 150 Twitterers includes Barack Obama (#1), Wil Wheaton (#6 – he played Weslely Crusher on Star Trek: The next generation), Darth Vader (#13), and Bill Clinton (#67 – I know what you’re thinking) while Twitterholic lists Barack Obama, Britney Spears, Lance Armstrong,  and Al Gore in their top 10.

While the Twitter sensation is astounding what’s even more amazing are all the Twitter applications which are being developed to post to Twitter and follow others. In the various tech blogs that I follow not a day goes by without Twitter being mentioned repeatedly.

What can I say? Even though I’ve read Twitter: Why So Many People Don’t Get It I’m still not convinced and not a convert. Though if I ever do jump on the bandwagon I’ll definitely  need this article : HOW TO: Live Inside Twitter and Still Stay Productive.

If anyone wants to weigh in on this, I’d love to hear from you.


janice said...

I don't get it either - why would someone be interested in what I do, especially if they don't know me.

Fern Chasida said...

glad it's not just me Janice. thanks for reading.

Baila said...

I signed up, but didn't understand it. To constantly tweet, you really have to do it through a mobile phone or something, and I have other things to do as I go about my day.

But during the Mumbai attacks I did follow tweeters straight from the scene, and it was a fascinating way to get the news.

Fern Chasida said...

I feel like I already waste countless hours online and if I start following people on Twitter, I'll never disconnect. They say it's great for things now happening - the first picture of flight 1549 was posted to Twitter by someone on a ferry:

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