Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Packing day (part 1)

Once again, we have packed up our house (ok, apartment) to move across the ocean (our stuff will go across the Pacific, we'll go cross-Atlantic) to Israel. I CANNOT believe I am doing this again. I'd like to say I'm never moving again but I know I said that emphatically when we moved into our house on Zufim and obviously, I didn't stick to it.
The movers came to pack up our stuff and though Arthur thinks we don't have a lot of things it looks like a lot to me. It's amazing how fast the junk accumulates. Tomorrow they will finish packing and load it onto the container. And then we'll be "stuffless" for a while.
We'll be staying with friends in San Jose till Sunday and then begin our journey East.
I am internetless (currently using the wifi at the library - have I mentioned lately how much I'm going to miss the libraries? I have?! I'm sure I'll mention it again.) so not sure how much posting and Facebook updating I'll be doing.
Will try to keep writing from California, Florida, Washington, NY, Israel, and wherever else I wind up.
Take care and l'hitraot!


Mrs. S. said...

I hope everything goes well during your move. Best of luck!