Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shana tova

Our first holiday back in Israel, Rosh Hashana, is almost here, and even though it’s a two day holiday even in Israel I’m glad that we’ll be celebrating here. There’s something special about knowing that most of the country is celebrating along with you (each in their own fashion), having supermarket cashiers wish you a “chag sameach” or “shana tova” and being able to find all the unique foods you need (for simanim) with little effort.

Job hunting is going very slowly and is very frustrating, particularly for Arthur, as you can imagine. I’m hoping it’s due to the chagim and the Israeli way of doing things (hurry up and advertise, go out of town for two weeks, decide when you come back if you really need the position filled after all). We send out lots of resumes and get little feedback and it’s very difficult. I’ve told Arthur that I’m going to send him to kollel just to get him out of the house.

Maor is doing well, B”H. She likes her class and teachers and besides the awful 6am wake up time so she can make the bus at 6:50 seems happy to go. Ulpanat Lehava, in Kedumim, seems to invest a lot not only in the girls’ educational experience but the social experience as well. On the first day of classes they had a performance by Eti Ankari, an Israeli musician who found her way back to religion. She spoke about her experience and also sang both new and old songs, including מיליונים, a favorite.

This Monday night the 9th and 10th grade classes went on a tiyul slichot to Yerushalayim. They began in Kever Rachel where they davened mincha before heading out to Yerushalayim. They then had a performance by Miri Or, another Israeli musician who became religious. This was followed by a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter and a final stop at the kotel (where it was still too early for slichot) before heading home (arrival: 2:30am). Tuesday morning Maor woke up early (!) and went to the beach with two friends. After getting thoroughly tan sunburned they went and hung out at the Ra’anana mall and arrived home via bus and “trempim.”

Our biggest news is that today our lift arrived! I was worried that it would get here late and at about 6:55am I got a phone call from the driver saying they were almost at the entrance of the yishuv. Turns out they went to Zufit and not Zufim, a common occurrence but by 7:45 they were in the right place. It took them about 45 minutes to get the seal open and then another 45 minutes to unload! Arthur and I were quite productive today – we put together Maor’s bed (very nice but too big for the room and her mattress is too high), our bed, nesting tables, and the dining room table. We also unpacked the couches, the dining room chairs and a lot of the kitchenware.

So the house is beginning to look familiar, including all the clutter which at least for the moment we have an excuse for. I’m looking forward to sleeping on a real bed instead of a thin mattress on the floor. While watching Arthur unpack pots and pans Maor excitedly named her favorite dish that was cooked in it and expressed her desire to be served them soon.

We will be out for most of our meals on Rosh Hashana but are having the first night at home, just us. I’m looking forward to settling in and hoping that the new year, 5770, brings good things for our family and for all of Am Yisrael. Wishing all my friends and family both here and abroad a very happy and healthy new year. Shana tova!

And for my friends abroad, a special thought just for you:

Sorry you have to use personal days for your religion's most sacred holidays


bklerner said...

What's with all these singers finding religion?

Fern Chasida said...

some lose it; others find it.

Anonymous said...

So nice to read that you're settling in.Shana Tova. ck

Baila said...

Well, I for one, am glad we're in the time zone. Wishing you, Art and Maor a wonderful year.

(Three meals out??? Lucky dog.)

abi said...

love the music and always smile when i read you thoughts. so creative fernie!

mother in israel said...

I can't find a way to comment on your most recent post! I know Esti! Welcome back and good luck with the job hunt.